Tesla Powerwall

ben sheehy tesla powerwall denver coloradoIn other car news, Tesla, the automaker who has built the best battery-operated vehicle in the industry, recently announced that it will be expanding its product and technology to the home. In addition to battery-operated cars, Elon Musk and his team at Tesla will be responsible for battery-operated homes. Tesla’s new company, called Tesla Energy, will release their first wall-mounted battery known as the Powerwall. The Powerwall, a 10 kWh home battery, is expected to cost $3,500. Not only can this new product be mounted on the wall, but the new design will allow multiple Powerwall’s to link together for up to 90 kWh of energy.

Elon Musk has a clear vision for the home of the future. Homeowners will be living in their own solar powered stations, replacing the current need and demand for coal and natural gas. Musk and Tesla plans on combining the 400-volt Powerwall with solar panels. With these pieces in place, the battery pack can be used to power an entire home overnight. According to recent numbers from the Energy Information Agency, the Powerwall can run the typical American household for approximately 8 hours. The EIA also states that the average home requires around 30 kWh a day.

Tesla is also planning on launching a line of industrial batteries that are roughly the size of a refrigerator. These larger batteries are scalable to larger sizes which could power entire neighborhoods. Tesla will be producing these products at their plant in Fremont, California. Elon Musk expects to be shipping higher volumes of these products sometime next year at the new Tesla Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada.

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