Reasons To Buy A Sports Car

Yes, it might look like you’re experiencing a mid-life crisis. But owning a sports car will bring you far more joy than any mid-life crisis can inhibit. 

Still not convinced? Here are six reasons why you should own a sports car at some point in your life. Be warned: the cops might hate you. 

The performance is unbeatable

There's a bunch of reasons to buy a sports car... my favorite: they're fun to drive.

There’s a bunch of reasons to buy a sports car… my favorite: they’re fun to drive.

Sports cars are built to be fun to drive. They’re made to huge the road, allowing you to barely hit the brakes before taking a 180-degree turn. They’re lightweight and low to the ground. You have fun playing sports, right? Yeah, then you’ll have fun in a sports car as well.

Friends will love to hate you

Having a sports car is an effective way to make your friends envy you – and your neighbors will be jealous, too. Grant it, they might hate how loud the thing is or the fact that you’re terrorizing squirrels that are sitting in the middle of a quiet street. You’ve got the power of over 400 horses – everyone will be watching you. 

They’re pretty to look at

Sports cars are built to appeal to the aesthetics. They’re curvy, sitting low and offering the finest Italian leather. 

Even the purr they give off is appealing. Most sports cars are equipped with free-flowing exhaust systems – amplifying the sound and letting everyone hear its beautiful music. 

What’s more? Women will love you. You look much more appealing when you’re stepping out of a convertible versus stepping out of a minivan. 

One at a time, please

One benefit to having a sports car: limited seating. You can’t have your son’s whole baseball team pile into the back seat. Sports cars are meant to have fun in – not to lug around little kids.  Plus, it can help you get out of some errands. 

I didn’t stress performance enough

Another great part about driving a sports car is the fact that you get to "feel" the car.

Another great part about driving a sports car is the fact that you get to “feel” the car.

Sports cars are beautiful because the car will never limit what you can do on the road. For instance: everyone has had trouble merging onto the high way at some point in his or her lives. The reason: you weren’t driving a sports car. 

Stomp that peddle to the metal and you’ll get wherever you want to go on that highway. Just beware: cops are always looking out to catch a sports car driver.

Driving the old school way

Nowadays, it’s hard to find manual transmissions. Driving a car the “old school way” brings a lot more fun to driving. By driving a manual transmission, you have that much more control over the car. You can feel the car beneath you. It’s like you’re playing a video game… in real life.

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