2015 Corvette Hits Roadblock

As a fan of the Corvette this news was a bit unsettling, but not surprising given the extent of issues at GM.  According to multiple sources online, General Motors can now add the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette to a long series of recalls, bringing this years total to 67.  Announced earlier last week, approximately 2,800 Corvettes will be recalled due to problems with airbags and parking brake cables.

ben sheehy sports car blogThese reports are a significant hit, as Corvette sales have been up more than 200% since the same time last year.  The iconic american sports car will certainly see a decline in these numbers despite receiving rave reviews in recent reports.

In addition to halted sales at auto dealers, shipments of the high-selling vehicle have been delayed while the company addresses both issues.  According to GM, a public recall has not been announced.  Airbag issues will affect approximately 2,000 Corvettes, many of which are still sitting in their home factory.  It has been reported that driver side airbags in these vehicles run the risk of separating from the steering wheel in a crash, increasing the potential for injuries.  Not good.  Corvettes located at dealerships will require replacement airbag modules, which will be repaired in house.  Problems with parking brake cables appear to be slightly more complicated.  About 800 Corvettes are reported to be missing rear parking brake cables.  The missing cables will result in the operation of only 1 of 2 rear brake drums.  As many of us know, vehicles require these cables to avoid the potential risk of rolling away if parked on steep hills – a violation of federal standards.

One has to wonder if these vehicle problems will ever subside for GM, having recalled an astounding 29 million vehicles in the last year.  The latest discoveries with the 2015 Corvette are troublesome.  Are we witnessing the tail end of the recall debacle, or will this continue to be a trend for GM in the years to come?  One thing is for sure, they have a lot of ground to make up.  It is unfortunate that a high-selling, high-rated vehicle like the Corvette had to fall victim to these manufacturing problems.  Let’s hope GM leaves no issue unreported and continues to work diligently toward fixing everything and ensuring the safety of all who get behind the wheel of their vehicles.

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